Health Tips

Health Tips: There are many Health Tips for all humans, some are old recopies, old totkay, and other herbal tips for your daily life. Different people used different health Tips form their relatives, friends and share with other most of these herbal, Hakami, even alopathic tips are suitable for all people, Be aware when you are using any herbal or health tip if you feel that these medicines are not suitable so consult your doctor, homoeopathic doctor, or any other Hakim. Most of the medicine are not reactioned it different case to case and man to man.
health tipsWe provide to all tips and trick for your health free of cost. if you have tested totkay so share us we will published for other people. In this section we provide a teeth care totkay in Urdu for you and these totkay are tested and used by different people in their daily life without any side affects. If your skin or body is sensitive so used oily single doze if no side affects then used it regularly and share their negative and positive affects of these medicine.

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