Tips for Long Hair

Tips for long hair: Long hair is dream of every human being especially for girl, women, they search and discuss their friends and fellows how to grow long hair. Today in media era every company encouraged its viewers in TV, Internet, radio and newspapers to use their products, whether it is suitable for your hair or not.
tips for long hair urdutotkay dot comDifferent advertisements in TV, Internet and newspapers about long hairs in 10 days or one week to attract the people without any expert opinion by any beautician.
We just suggest some tips for long hair, first of all care about your hair and its cutting, setting and edging of your hair, if your hair are straight then its easy to set and care but its wavy then more steps are taken for your hair like use any oil without mentioning its name any oil to remove the rankles or wavy for your hair
Secondly trim your hair ends if your hair are thinner then trim after one month only the ends and use any oil for every week.
Thirdly use wooden con for hair and avoid any metal or plastic brushes .

Fourthly Nourishment if the hair are dry use yoghurt and use any dry hair shampoo and change it when it ends and use different company shampoo for your hair and don’t rub your hair with towel.
Last but no the least a healthy diet is also part of your hair for long hair and use vitamins, minerals and iron and vegetables like fish, green vegetable and milk and fruit in your daily life.
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